Thursday, February 27, 2020

Strengths and Weaknesses of Labour Process Theory Essay - 1

Strengths and Weaknesses of Labour Process Theory - Essay Example This paper illustrates that Labour Process Theory (LPT) plays a fundamental role in management. It effectively controls the environment and supports the capital accumulation. Through this theory, it is going to analyze that what managers, owners are seeking for to maximize the profit and minimize the capital losses that extract the maximum labor or employees efforts.This LPT theory is introduced by the Marxist and criticized by different scientific management authors. The labor process theory is concerned with shifting the relationship between the organization and technology with the arguments that technologically develop new accounting system. In the ideal enterprises, the technology needs resources and deploys it for capital accumulation. Although, technology is a capital weapon that is used in labors domination. The organizations today are looking forward to the crystallized outcomes of this ongoing battle. According to the Lixin Han, Labour Process is the dynamics of social and o rganizational change. Marx defined labor process in which nature and man both practices are noticed. The man on his own settlement usually starts changeable, controlling and consider the material reaction. It is the theory between the man himself and the nature of the human himself opposes the nature through one of its own forces like settings of arms, legs, hand, and head. In order to produce appropriate natural process, it is required to adopt own wants. The major factor of labor process is the purposeful personal man’s activity and the understanding of work subject to the instruments handling. The labor process theory is about the controlling the power of labor that is the human ability to perform work. There are three dimensions of technological change like a transformation of work, its changes and controlling. The replacement of human-machine combination requires many dimensions over time. In order to improve the technology transformation, the innovative factors are focu sed on the point of a production process that is based on limited factors. Like textile industry involves spinning and weaving process is simplified through technological evaluation.

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